Minsensorsv系列-Hitec Standard Servo Mounting kit for NXT or EV3

NT$ 400 NT$ 200

Comes with servo mounting hardware and horn mounting hardware for NXT and installation instructions. This kit is designed to mount following Hitec Servos on NXT:

  • * HS-311 (90° or 180° or continuous rotation)
  • * HS-322HD (90° or 180° or continuous rotation)

This kit does not include servos.


Note the required parts

Ensure that you have following:

  • One of the servos mentioned above
  • Grommets (Shock isolators) and bushings
  • Screws, and screwdriver
  • Nylon adjustable horn bracket, as shown here:
    Required Horn
    (If your servo does not have this horn, check with your local servo supplier to purchase it separately)


Servo dimensions matching these mounts

There are several other servos that will fit these mounts, if you consider using other servos with these mounts, ensure that they meet these dimensions within 0.2 mm tolerance.

A = 19.82mm
B = 13.47mm
C = 33.79mm
D = 10.17mm
E = 9.66mm
F = 30.22mm
G = 11.68mm
H = 26.67mm
J = 52.84mm
K = 9.35mm
L = 4.38mm
M = 39.88mm
X = 3.05mm

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